‘A New You: Words to Soothe the Body, Mind, and Spirit’ Book

‘A New You: Words to Soothe the Body, Mind, and Spirit’ Book

This book can transform your life —
Writing it transformed mine.

Within these pages are the secrets for a victorious life. Each is written with love, faith, and promise, out of tragedy and triumph from my hand to your heart. This is a formula of belief, which can turn defeat into victory and open the door to a wide terrain of possibilities.

A New You BookAnd now, my dear readers, I want to share with you this special collectionof writings, which can help you evolve into the most complete person that you can become. With these three components in order, the mind, body, and spirit, you can achieve tremendous success in all areas of your life.

This uplifting volume can recharge your whole being and restore the God-given flow within you for success. Then watch miracles begin to happen.

Use the words in this life-renewing book as a guide to a better life. Read and reread, one page at a time, one day at a time, and incorporate these ideas into your own situations. Let this wisdom become a part of you as you discover good mental and physical health, peace of mind, and happiness.

Our journey through life cannot be made alone. We have been brought together for a very important reason. It feels as though God’s hand is resting gently upon mine, so that as you read the words inscribed in this book, a divine transformation will take place in your life.

Hold my hand and let me be your friend, as I reveal to you the powerful messages within these heartfelt pages. Who knows what miraculous plans the Lord has in store for us?

Take my hand. I promise, it is not too late.

— Catherine

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