‘God Will Do The Rest’ Book & Audio Book

‘God Will Do The Rest’ Book & Audio Book

“The Key to the Kingdom of Heaven is also our Key to Happiness on Earth.” Not only does  Catherine Galasso believe this. . . her life is living  proof of it. In GOD WILL DO THE REST, she explores seven qualities that have shaped her daily life and her life’s mission: faith, love, persistence, hope, optimism, gratitude and forgiveness.

God Will Do the Rest Book CoverUsing stories from her own life experiences and inspiring principles from the Bible, Catherine encourages readers to take one step at a time down the pathway toward a richer and more meaningful future–one that affirms “I will do more than survive–I will thrive!”

Catherine takes each key and through engaging examples explains the importance of that key, how to apply it, and the ways in which it will enrich readers’ lives. She tells readers how to seize the struggles that come with each day and to turn them into opportunities for growth, joy, and peace.

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